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A customer-centric company committed to excellence

We trace our company history to the 1950s, when Gary Albrecht began helping clients with their life insurance and estate planning needs. In the years that followed, as employers sought new ways to compensate and care for their people, the employee benefit market grew rapidly. These offerings were a natural fit in Gary’s practice and his commitment to taking care of the customer, doing what was right, being fair and delivering as much value as possible quickly built him a base of loyal clients.
He also earned a good reputation with the insurance companies he worked with and as Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan plans redefined their approach to supporting consumers, he was invited to work with them in a new capacity as a managing agent. Action Benefits was born and for more than 35 years, the company has supported independent insurance agents throughout Michigan and around the nation. As an extension of the carrier, we’ve been the experts who have trained the experts consumers depend on. We’ve supported our partners with a broad variety of services to help they manage their clients coverage needs – from pre-underwriting and enrollment processing to resolving billing issues and helping members make the most of their health plans.
Along the way, our business has evolved to include the development of new technology, purpose-built and designed to simplify a very complex industry. Our software solutions have helped thousands of people secure the coverage they need to protect their health and their finances. But we’ve never lost sight of the value personal relationships bring to our work or with our roots as a retail agency supporting consumers.
Operating today as a general agent, under the leadership of Gary’s son Karl and our president, Lori Lockhart, we continue to empower insurance professionals and agents with product, underwriting and sales consultation. We also offer our partners, world-class training, enrollment processing, customer service support, technology and much more. But we also enjoy our own relationships with employer, individual under 65 business and Medicare clients – helping them meet their benefit needs and goals, just as Gary Albrecht did, with exceptional service and a personal touch.

Our vision

We always strive to use every resource at our disposal – including our highly skilled people, communication efforts and technology – while we provide innovative solutions and client advocacy. Every day.

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Our culture

We, wholeheartedly, believe that providing the very best service and solutions to customers requires us to take great care of our people. We put a premium on training and professional development for our staff, give them opportunity to grow and focus on building longstanding relationships. We believe in doing business ethically and being fair with all partners, first and foremost. We are also a company that strives, in all instances, to be collaborative and innovative. We focus on our community – within our office and outside our walls – cultivating a family atmosphere that celebrates diversity and service to others. It’s little wonder that so many of our staff count their tenure at Action in decades, not years.

Action Benefits is truly the best employer and I love working here. I'm coming up on my 10-year anniversary and the time has just flown by. I work with some pretty great people who truly care about our customers. Time and again I have seen many of my co-workers go the extra mile - not only for our customers, but to help each other too.
Patrice Abraham
Accounting Technician
Action Benefits is such a great company and I am honored to say I have been working here for almost seven years. They have made such an immense impact on me professionally and where I am today. There is not a day I am not learning and being provided with tools and resources to be able to adapt to this ever changing market. We also have a great family-like culture, which makes me proud to be part of the company.
Fay Remijan
Account Coordinator
Action Benefits has helped shape me into the person I am today and I am grateful for that. I have learned so much and the best part is, I keep learning new things every day. The words I live by are, "Stay positive, work hard and make it happen."
Anjelica Leach
Account Manager
The culture of innovation and dedication to providing the agent community with a level of service and support unmatched in the industry, are driving factors behind the exciting changes happening at Action Benefits. I am thrilled to be part of the team, building on our rich history of supporting agents. Strong and now diverse carrier partnerships and products, world-class service, training and technology, allow agents who work with Action to deliver a superior customer experience to their existing clients, while, at the same time, growing their businesses. When our agents and carrier partners are successful, we are successful, which is why we continue to be laser-focused on delivering value to all of our partners.
Graham Smith
Executive Director, Customer Development
I've been with Action Benefits for over two years. In that time, there has been tremendous amount of change and using many of my skills in technology, customer service and agent services has certainly made it exciting. An important growth area for Action is in the Medicare and individual under 65 markets. Good service in these areas is something our clients need and appreciate more than ever. And I really enjoy helping them be the most responsive agents in the industry.
Troy Albrecht
Account Manager
Since joining the Action family I have built meaningful relationships, which have benefited me professionally and personally. There's a work-family culture of shared values and beliefs, which makes me very proud to be a part of this culture; one that is engaging and supportive.
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Mardel Williams
Administrative Director
I had the opportunity to join Action Benefits 10 years ago. And what an opportunity it has been! Action is a company with a vision. Always looking ahead and always keeping their employees top of mind. When making a career change, one often wonders if the grass will really be greener, but Action is truly a family and the opportunities are endless.
Paula Nixon
Business Representative
Working at Action Benefits for almost 10 years has been great. I get to work with wonderful people every day and our leadership shows a lot of care and compassion to all here. The relationships I have built has made this such a positive and fulfilling experience.
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Debbie Brown
Senior Service Concierge Specialist
Working at Action has been an extremely rewarding experience. Over the past 15 years I've been able to work with so many different aspects of technology, instead of being pigeonholed with one specialty. I've also gained many friendships over the years.
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Timothy Mack
Network Administrator Information Technology
What I really love about working here is that it's all about finding solutions. Whether helping a partner embrace new technology, consulting about product selection for a unique situation, simplifying the complexity of our industry or solving for business challenges that stifle growth, I get to be a problem-solver every day.
David Blackburn
Client Experience Manager
I have been working at Action Benefits for 13 years and really enjoy the collaboration and friendly conversations with the people I work with. I always feel appreciated here. For my career, the company has given me the opportunity to grow in both my knowledge and expertise in IT.
Shane Fuson
Web Application Developer, Information Technology
Joining the Action family has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Our team supports each other both personally and professionally. Things evolve in this industry on a daily basis and extra support is always important. I've also learned to embrace change while working at Action. And it's handled in a way that has encouraged me to be more innovative, develop new skills and grow.
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Trish Colyer
Client Operations Manager
My entire career has been dedicated to working with the agent community. And at Action, I have the opportunity to continue working in this always evolving industry. I'm inspired by our agents' dedication to their clients and look forward to every opportunity to assist them.
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Jennifer Brown
Client Operations Manager
I’m very happy and so grateful to be a part of Action, going on 16 years now. What I really love is the people I work beside every day. I’ve built so many relationships with team members and agents over the years and we all support each other whenever needed. It’s a great company to work for and I look forward to my future here.
Wendy Cova
Account Manager

Leadership team

You know leadership is working when everyone in the company rallies together to accomplish great things.

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Lori Lockhart

Meg Costello Lambert

Meg Lambert

Vice President, Finance
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Krystina Borrocci

Executive Director, Customer Engagement & Loyalty
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Executive Director, Product Development
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Graham Smith

Executive Director, Customer Development
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Bruce Udvari

Executive Director, Operations