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Leading empowerment through innovation, advocacy, and service excellence.

We are here to make a difference by empowering those who impact the lives of others. Bringing to them decades of expertise in targeted healthcare distribution. We are ever changing, mindful and considerate to all those we connect with every day. And we hold great respect for our people and our partners, who are all so dedicated to the health and wellness industry.



Lockhart Lori

Lori Lockhart

Meg Costello Lambert

Meg Lambert

Vice President, Finance
Krystina Resize-01

Krystina Borrocci

Executive Director, Customer Engagement & Loyalty
Tim H. Resize-01

Tim Hellebuyck

Executive Director, Product Development
Graham resized-01

Graham Smith

Executive Director, Customer Development
Bruce resized-01

Bruce Udvari

Executive Director, Operations

Customer development

David Balckburn

David Blackburn

Broker Sales Manager

(248) 603-3605


Robert Hamelin

Broker Sales Manager

(248) 603-3575


Gina Theisen

Contract Specialist

(248) 603-3554

Troy Albrecht Suit

Troy Albrecht

Account Manager

(248) 603-3624

Cova Wendy

Wendy Cova

Account Manager

(248) 603-3640

Laurelle Geter

Laurelle Geter

Account Manager

(248) 603-3512

Remijan Fay

Fay Remijan

Account Coordinator

(248) 603-3632

Witfield-DeMolen Adam

Adam Whitfield-DeMolen

Account Coordinator

(248) 603-3629


Customer engagement

Randy L. resize-01-01

Randy Lobur

Growth Marketing Manager

(248) 603-3641

Chelsea resize-01

Chelsea Smith

Learning & Development Specialist

(248) 603-3613


Group team

We can assist you with your Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan and Blue Care Network  medical groups.  Our team will consult and assist you in navigating BCBSM/BCN self-service tools, help you to identify and solve problems or escalated issues, and answer your questions about products, renewals and services. Reach us at (866) 501-8727 or

Brown Jennifer

Jennifer Brown

Manager, Client Operations

(248) 603-3650

Brown Brieanne

Brieanne Brown

Account Coordinator

(866) 501-8727

Ferrara Colleen

Colleen Ferrara

Account Manager

(248) 603-3573

Grimes Ryan

Ryan Grimes

Account Manager

(248) 603-3634

Klave Carrie

Carrie Klave

Account Coordinator

(866) 501-8727

Kulesza Danielle

Danielle Kulesza

Account Coordinator

(866) 501-8727

Matthew McLellan

Matthew McLellan

Account Coordinator

(866) 501-8727

McMath Tammy

Tammy McMath

Account Coordinator

(866) 501-8727

Nixon Paula

Paula Nixon

Account Manager

(248) 603-3619

Romeo Jamie

Jamie Romeo

Account Coordinator

(866) 501-8727

Vandersluis Robin

Robyn Vandersluis

Account Associate

(866) 501-8727


Individual team

We're dedicated to supporting agents with their individual Medicare, under 65 and ancillary business across our multiple carrier partnerships. We focus on training, processing, and providing exceptional customer service by devoting time to maintaining client relationships and building a strong book of business. Reach us at (833) 754-2163 or

Daniel R-01

Daniel Rhen

Manager, Client Operations

(248) 603-3550

Brown Debbie

Debbie Brown

Account Coordinator

(833) 754-2163

Kevin Jerolamon-01

Kevin Jerolamon

Account Manager

(248) 603-3558

Jorgensen Anders

Anders Jorgensen

Account Associate

(833) 754-2163

Raisch Bekah

Bekah Nisun

Account Manager

(248) 603-3603

Nordstrom Andrew

Andrew Nordstrom

Account Manager

(248) 603-3627

Schmaltz Jessica

Jessica Schmaltz

Account Manager

(248) 603-3607


Renee Tevault

Account Manager

(248) 603-3678


Retirement benefits team

We are licensed and certified, and highly specialized in working directly with members in regards to Medicare offered through their employer’s retirement and pension plans. We work with some of the nation’s largest carriers, groups, unions and associations to ensures their retired membership populations have a resource to assist with enrollment, questions and changes to their plan. We also play a significant role in many of the carriers lead, information recovery, and educational calling campaigns all the while of making sure beneficiaries have a voice in the benefits they choose in their retirement years.

Akers Bev

Bev Akers

Manager, Client Operations

(248) 359-6475

Janiga Lauren

Lauren Janiga

Account Coordinator

(248) 603-3609

Leach Anjelica

Anjelica Leach

Account Manager

(248) 603-3622


Program management office


Alicia Bennett

Program Manager

(248) 603-3668

Colyer Trish

Trish Colyer

Process Improvement Specialist

(248) 359-6460

Tina p-01

Tina Pennington

Quality Coordinator

(248) 603-3633


Human resources and Administration

Duff Stacy

Stacy Duff

Manager, Human Resources

(248) 603-3559

Bowdell Brenda.jpg

Brenda Bowdell


(248) 356-8585


Megan McDonald

Human Resources Generalist

(248) 603-3536

Williams Mardel

Mardel Williams

Administrative Director

(248) 359-6466



Moore Karen

Karen Moore


(248) 603-3563

Abraham Pati

Patrice Abraham

Accounting Technician

(248) 603-3665


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